One-stop solution for labels and artists! The management backend in the areas of music, social media, finance and everything else that labels and artists need to become and remain successful.


As a full-service provider, we provide our excellent infrastructures in the music business and take over the operational management of labels. Therefore, labels and artists at Goldmann Entertainment benefit particularly effectively from our sustainable value chain and thus secure the business of the future.


The music industry is constantly changing. Every day new opportunities arise and old ways of working lose their effectiveness. Goldmann helps music labels to keep track of things by providing experienced strategists, specialists and an optimal business infrastructure to generate hype when opportunities arise. We expand your possibilities and help where you are facing challenges. This is how we achieve the greatest success together as a team and you can realize what you really like to do.


We understand that becoming independent as an artist can be a challenge. Goldmann provides you with the ideal team and provides you with valuable know-how to be hyped in the shortest possible time. We develop a strategy with you and set the pace. Thanks to our unique infrastructure and high-end technologies, we offer everything you need to develop yourself further, to establish your own brands, to rise to the next level and grow into a successful entertainment entrepreneur.

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Goldmann makes music available worldwide through unique music distribution infrastructures. In a very short time we enable labels to release the music of their artists on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Deezer and many other shops and catalyze high-turnover streaming.


Goldmann publishes music worldwide as a publisher, manages the ancillary copyrights for authors, composers, producers and songwriters and collects income from radio / TV plays. We do the billing for GEMA, GVL and other collecting societies in 46 markets.


Goldmann keeps all business documents and negotiated contracts up to date and takes on all bureaucratic tasks with great expertise so that labels can focus 100% on the creative work with their artists. “Move like a Major – create like an Indie!”


Goldmann has a gigantic network in the music industry and takes care of all business matters: from negotiating contracts to dealmaking to reviewing contracts. We act as the invisible back office for labels and act to achieve the best possible results for artists.


Goldmann has unique expertise in the production of music and realizes a flawless sound as well as extraordinary music videos that bring new trends to fruition. We provide 360 ° artist management worldwide and support musicians on their way to their goal.

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