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Move like a Major - Create like an Indie

We catalyze careers in all areas of modern entertainment!

Catalyzing innovations in the service of labels, artists, athletes and social media influencers in the entertainment industry is our business. Goldmann develops high-turnover entertainment products and realizes new business models in order to operate them sustainably through strategy, technology, network, infrastructure and a committed team.

We can be your frontline partner or part of your management support team for administration. A full-service partner or infrastructure provider with a sales backend from 23 years of expertise and practical experience in 46 markets worldwide. But when we are involved, we always work for the best possible results. We give you the opportunity to scale and realize groundbreaking ideas, while you retain creative control and focus on your strengths.

What can we do for you?




The Goldmann Tower is designed as a place for creative work and functions as a creative factory and unique entertainment incubator for the realization of innovative entertainment products. In the Goldmann Academy, subjects related to entertainment can be taken. In addition to didactically high-quality e-learning courses, there are plenty of face-to-face seminars in the Goldmann Tower.


With 30 high-end recording studios as well as photo and video studios, video editing stations, various offices and co-working spaces, the Goldmann Tower is the perfect media project center for all players in the entertainment industry. The Goldmann Tower Studios are available from hourly bookings to long-term rentals. It is also the ideal place to network within the entertainment industry.